All claims are personally evaluated by Sandy Figuers or Kevin Crane. Sandy and Kevin have each written over 800 causation reports covering a wide range of problems and issues. This experience gives them the ability to efficiently evaluate a claim and promptly issue a report. It also allows them to spot unanticipated situations that should be brought to an adjuster’s attention.

Kevin Crane is a registered civil engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the investigation of cause of damage to property. He has extensive civil and structural engineering design and construction experience with commercial and residential buildings and land improvements. He is responsible for determining the cause of damage to buildings including their structure and their systems and components. Kevin has investigated property damage resulting from or caused by design defect, construction defect, wear and tear, fire, weather, earthquake, vehicle impact, plumbing, drainage, and earth movement.

Kevin holds engineering licenses in California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Arizona and has advanced degrees in business and in law.

Dr. Sandy Figuers is a registered civil engineer with more than 25 years of civil engineering and engineering geology experience. Sandy has a broad range of experience in determining cause of property damage. This includes: soil/structure interactions, structural analysis, effects of ground and surface waters, effects of vibrations and blasts on buildings, water intrusion, landslides, and earthquakes.

Sandy holds multi-jurisdictional professional licenses and registrations as a civil engineer, as an engineering geologist, as a hydrogeologist, and as a geophysicist. He serves as a technical adviser to the general counsel for Golden Bear Insurance Company. He also teaches property evaluation seminars to adjusters and underwriters. Dr. Figuers has served as an expert witness in many legal cases.